"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love"

-Mother Teresa

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"There are far too many children in Nepal who can not attend school due to extreme poverty or other difficult circumstances in their homes. For these children, obtaining an education is a dream, something they wish for and pray for. Unfortunately, their chances are very small indeed. School Nepal is about making their dreams come true. Take a look at the children or just learn about what we do."

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Your donation doesn't just help grant a wish to poor children. It will give the whole human race a new creative mind, new ideas, new life. Donate today to help them.
Rita Sunwar

Rita Sunwar, DOB - January 14, 2001, grade 7 at Shramik Shanti School. Her parents are a daily workers, who has very low income to survive for family of four members. Her brother is in 1st grade at the same school. Rita ...

Ishwor Dahal

Ishwor Dahal, DOB Feb. 13 2007, grade 3 at Ratna Rajya School. His brother is in 2nd grade at the same school. They are from Dolakha. Single mother with very low income is trying to adjust in new situation in new city. S...

Gyanu KC

Gyanu KC, DOB Jan. 3, 2006, grade 6 at Bijay Memorial School. Her sister Sanu is in 5th grade at the same school. Her father is a driver but he is an alcoholic, so he hardly supports family. Her mother can't work because...

Sudarshan Sharma

Sudarshan Sharma, DOB - November 13, 2003 is diagnosed with CP (cerebral palsy) hemiplegic right sided and mentally retardation. He has difficulties with walking and talking and there is also a vision problem. He has epi...

Hena Parwin

Hena Parwin, DOB - July 19, 2005 is in 6th grade and she is a good student and a good dancer. This is a Muslim family. Hana’s father died when she was very small. Despite of so many difficulties her mother decided to...

Rimal Children

Sushmita Rimal, DOB- April 6, 2006 is in 6th grade and her brother Susan Rimal, DOB June 21, 2007, is in 4th grade at Sramik Shanti School, Kathmandu. Their parents came to Kathmandu from kavre (east from Kathmandu), bec...

Sponsored Children

The following are some of the children who are currently being helped by School Nepal. They are already being sponsored by people from a variety of countries; including USA, Russia, Brazil, Poland, India, Singapore, Canada, UK, Australia and Nepal, among others.
Nitisha Thapa

Nitisha Thapa is a 10 year old (DOB - July 20, 2006) girl in 6th grade at Ratna Rajya School, who is...

Ashmita Bajgai

Ashmita Bajgai, DOB – April 26, 2005, 7th grade at Kanya School, Patan. Her parents are disable pe...

Rassa Shakya

Rassa Shakya (DOB – Jan. 28, 1998) finished 12th grade (science major) from Shramik Shanti School....

Sangita Karki

Sangita karki, DOB – August 1, 2007, 5th Grade at Shideshwor School, Kathmandu. Sangita, her broth...

"Sponsoring our program is easy. Just contribute what you can. It only takes $120 to allow a child to attend school for a full year. Help us make the best year of a child's life."

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"You can give a better future to the children of Nepal. A donation of any amount will help to buy clothes, food and other supplies. These help make it possible to send poor children to school."

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